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VAVsoft ...Unique Software will not find anywhere else.
Tinnitus Tamer Window The Tinnitus Tamer helps Tinnitus sufferers to reduce or eliminate their Tinnitus by using the resources of their own bodies to take care of the Tinnitus in a natural way.

...designed by a Tinnitus sufferer.
Tinnitus Tamer Window The HDTV Converter allows photographers to show their digital images on an HDTV television in wide-screen format even after they have been edited in Photoshop® or similar photo editors, or created from RAW or scanned images.

... designed by a photographer.

Tinnitus Tamer

Tinnitus Tamer Main Window

The Tinnitus Tamer uses sequences of special tones and silent periods to retrain the neural networks in the auditory system of the brain to weaken, and ultimately eliminate, the positive feedback loop that creates the Tinnitus sound.

Thus, the Tinnitus Tamer uses the resources of your own body to take care of the Tinnitus in a natural way.

The Tinnitus Tamer software has been released for Macintosh iPad, and Windows.

To learn more about the Tinnitus Tamer and to download the Tinnitus Tamer, go to

Tinnitus Tamer Download Page

HDTV Converter


Images created or edited in photo editors, such as Photoshop®, images created from camera RAW files, and images created with film scanners can not be displayed by photo players. The HDTV Converter changes these images into a DCF compliant format.

The HDTV Converter converts JPG, TIFF, PNG, PCT, and PICT images into one of three formats: (1) High quality HDTV 16:9 aspect-ratio, 1920x1080 pixel, DCF compliant format. (2) Original aspect-ratio images in letterboxed HDTV, 1920x1080 pixel, DCF compliant format. (3) Original aspect-ratio, 1080 pixels high, DCF compliant format.

A DCF compliant preview thumb is inserted into every converted image.

The HDTV Converter software has been released for Macintosh.

To learn more about the HDTV Converter and to download the HDTV Converter, go to

HDTV Converter Download Page