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Tinnitus Tamer

Macintosh Interface

Tinnitus and the Tinnitus Tamer

It appears only natural to assume that as our ears pick up sound waves, they convert them into electrical nerve signals that represent the sounds, a loud sound producing a large nerve signal, silence producing no nerve signal at all, and once these nerve signals arrive at the brain we hear them as sounds.

However, our auditory system is not that simple. The electrical signals that travel from the ear to the brain are not an electrical representation of audio waves. The signals passing to the brain when there are no sounds are as strong as the signals produced by loud sounds.

Before the electrical signals from the ears are passed to that portion of the brain that hears the sounds, they pass through neural networks that act as filters. These filters are part of the subconscious part of the brain, and are closely connected with the part of the brain that controls emotions and the automatic response of the body to danger.

Our experiences continuously modify these neural networks, changing which signals are enhanced, which are attenuated, and which are totally suppressed, before the signals are presented to the cerebral cortex to be perceived a sounds. Essentially, these neural networks try to pass sounds on a "need to hear" basis.

Think of how we detect the sound of our own name, a distant car horn, or a new baby stirring in its sleep, whereas we may be unaware of the sound of the blood rushing through our arteries, rain pounding on the roof, or traffic noises from a nearby street.

Signals that are new, or associated with a negative experiences, are enhanced to alert the body to prepare for "fight or flight". Interesting enough, signals that are recognized as representing a known danger evoke a weaker reaction of the autonomic system than those categorized as an unknown danger. Signals that are recognized as having occurred before, and which are not being associated with positive or negative events, evoke the least reaction from the autonomic system.

The Tinnitus Tamer uses repeating signals that are similar to the Tinnitus, interspersed with silent periods. The repeating signals are not associated with anything of significance, and will modify the neural networks that they will attenuate the Tinnitus sounds as representing a neutral, nonsignificant signal. The silent periods help the brain to perceive silence when there are no external sounds.

Thus, the Tinnitus Tamer uses the resources of your own body to take care of the Tinnitus in a natural way.

When you first start using the Tinnitus Tamer, you should run three 10-minute training sessions spread throughout the day. Later on, you can increase or decrease the usage based on you needs.

In some cases, the Tinnitus will rapidly disappear.

In most cases, the Tinnitus will improve in stages:
• First, during a training session.
• Next, for several minutes after a training session has ended.
• Gradually, the time of relief after a training session will become longer.
• Eventually, the Tinnitus will be reduced to a low level that is of little bother.
• Many Tinnitus sufferers will find that the Tinnitus will be completely eliminated.

Tinnitus Tamer Q&A

Recent News
The Tinnitus Tamer falls in a category of tinnitus treatments known as Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT). Tinnitus Retraining Therapy is now the subject of the largest clinical trials ever conducted for tinnitus. These trial will help confirm reports that this approach helps 80% of people with tinnitus.

Any testemonials from Tinnitus Tamer users?
I just wanted to thank all of you at VAVSoft for developing this marvelous software. From the first time I tried Tinnitus Tamer the ringing in my ears was dramatically reduced. Now after a few weeks of sound treatments the tinnitus has gone from its initial constant annoyance to barely noticeable. I am thrilled!
The only problem is now my wife's nagging and complaining is clearer than ever. If only your VAVSoft developers could make a Wife Tamer... you'd make Billions! LOL
All joking aside, as a musician I am especially very pleased to have my hearing greatly improved and will recommend Tinnitus Tamer to all my friends, family as well as contacts on the Internet. Who would have guessed that a daily dose of beeps, buzzes and high pitched squeals could be so beneficial to the auditory nerve system? Tinnitus Tamer is truly a godsend product!
Sincerely, Joseph St______d

FYI, your software has worked. I have had tinnitus for over three years, and after using your tones for about the past two months, I can genuinely say it has lessened significantly and the majority of my days are now tinnitus free! Michael Co_______i

My name is Chatchanok P______n. I've just purchase a license for tinnitus tamer software. First of all, I have to say that it is a wonderful product. It has reduced my tinnitus by at least 50% in just 4 days, Thanks you so much. I have some question regarding the type of sound used in the treatment (sweep, noise, sine)...
... or if there is any books about self hypnosis for tinnitus you can recommend. PS. I am now have more good tinnitus days than a bad one (in a week) even when it ring it does not bother me like before, but it is still does not completely goes away.
Chatchanok P______n.

So far in the course of two weeks this program has literally saved me from torturous tinnitus, reduced it almost immediately for hours at a time. I've tried all the snakeoil, this actually works. Thank you so very, very much.
Bill M____y

James, Just letting you know the new registration number combo did work (and it is on Windows 8). I can't thank you enough for your quick response. I am not sure if you are the developer of this product or not, but if so, want to thank you so very much for it, well worth the money. I suffered greatly with Tinnitus, and found your product to be the only thing that helped me. Thank you!!!!!!! Sharon G____n.

... from my point of view - don't rush - I don't have an iPad yet - I am waiting for the next version and then I will be there. Good luck with the work, ps - your Mac version is helping me a lot.
John W_______e

I've had tiinitus for 6 years, very, extremely disturbing. Although subjective I suspect your program method as real at least in part, could actually help many, and that's 100% more than the "all natural" snakeoil out there that is sold. I think you folks are on to something and I hope you market this offline because this idea of yours is fantastic. You have no idea how it has helped me. I have always told people that I would photograph them and hang a photo of them on the wall if they could help my tinnitus, Dr's, friends, anyone. For grins send me the photo of the genious that came up with this and I'll post it on my wall and bow to Mecca each morning. I was in marketing years ago, and suspect you folks could potentially be rich for all the right reasons. Thank you so much.
William M____y

Good morning James: Ringing stopped this morning. I wonder weather I should continue practice with T Tamer when I hear no ringing? I also found out what was problem from the beginning, when I could not hear stereo on my both computers, at job and at home. Problem was in my earphones that were old. I bough new earphones for 20 dollars and problem was gone. I am very happy there is no tinnitus. I hope it wont come back... so I do not know weather I should continue with T Tamer for some time.
Kind regards, Matjaz S_____k

Hello, I apologize for my English ... My name is Gabriel R_____a I am 49 years old and I am a cellist in "Transylvania" philharmonic Êorchestra in Cluj-Napoca Romania. I found your net considerations and think are very relevant (at least neuro-psychological). Therefore I dare to ask advice. I have a little hearing loss bilaterally and, for two months, a unilateral tinnitus in the left ear (I atach last audiogram). Tinnitus is very high (think about. 7500-8000 Hz). I was already at three specialists who told me to get used to it because they have nothing to doÉ Thank you so much for everything you try to do for those, who surgeons were sent home to get used with the condition. All the best.
Gabriel R_____a

Hi James, I've been using the software for almost a month now. My tinnitus has been reduced a lot during daytime. On a good day it is so quiet that I can barely notice. But It still bother me when I go to bed and some time it ring very loud.
C. P_____r

Thank you. Your Tinnitus Tamer has already helped me immensely. Please accept and convey my deepest appreciation to all the others responsible for this software.
All the best, William P_____r

Dear James, Thank you so very much. I very much appreciate your professionalism (not to mention your speed). Thank you again and may you and your family and friends have a joyous and healthy holiday season.
Robert G_____n

I am John S_____r. I purchased Tinnitus Tamer TW-9587-xxxx-5840-xxxx. I am not able to run this program in any other computer as I am rejected by an error notice . Either my name or code is wrong. I have copiied it or cut and pasted directly and still cannot run this program and I am ticked off a I need to use t tamer to sleep at other addresses or on vacation and such. Can you tell me what on earth am I doing wrong? Regards Please repond asap tonight !!!!!!
John S_____r

I've been on your program for about 3 weeks and have had some success which is great but just want to check to make sure I'm setting up the "Tamer" correctly to start with. I'm setting "Frequency 2"(Mid Tone) to a level equal to ... Thank you. Ken S_____n

Hi, Thank you so much for developing this program for tinnitus which I recently discovered. I suffer from severe tinnitus, now louder than conversation level, and have had it since I was a child. I am now 64 ... I am also working with an audiologist utilizing an A_____10 tinnitus masking device made by S____ Hearing Technology. This device feeds a constant tone and is supposed to reduce the tinnitus. So far, not so good... As you can see, my audiologist is willing to work with me and you to give me some relief. This is not going to be a quick fix. Again, thank you for your work in developing relief for this "uncurable" debilitating condition. I am so happy your users have had success using your program!!!
Susan F_____e

James, I purchased your wonderful program either a year or two ago. I also have to tell you what a blessing this program has been for me. My hearing returned to almost normal until this summer, now I am worse that before (due to ear infections and allergies), so I have started your program again, and will continue to use throughout the summer until better.
Thank you James. Sharon G_____d

Hi James, I've been using the software for almost a month now. My tinnitus has been reduced a lot during daytime. On a good day it is so quiet that I can barely notice. But It still bother me when I go to bed and some time it rings very loud. Thank you. Your Tinnitus Tamer has already helped me immensely. Please accept and convey my deepest appreciation to all the others responsible for this software. All the best, William P_____r

Can I try out the TinnitusTamer?
Yes, after you downloaded and installed the Macintosh or Windows Tinnitus Tamer, you can use it for fourteen consecutive days without paying for it. You need to purchase a license to use the Tinnitus Tamer after the initial fourteen days.

Is the TinnitusTamer available in other Languages?
The Tinnitus Tamer for iPad is available in other languages. The German version has German windows, alerts, and user guide. The French and Spanish versions have only French or Spanish windows and alerts.
The Tinnitus Tamer for Mac or Windows is only available in English. However, a Spanish user guide is available for download on the left column of this page.

Are features disabled during the try-out?
No, the software you download provides all the features of the Tinnitus Tamer for a 14 day period after its first use. However, the Tinnitus Tamer for Macintosh only create files from tone sequences after a license has been purchased.

What other equipment do I need?
In addition to the computer, you only need a pair of earphones. Please download the user manual to learn more about which earphones are best for use with the Tinnitus Tamer.

What technical skills do I need to have?
The Tinnitus Tamer includes nine pre-programmed training sequences that you can use without making any adjustments at all. At this level you need no technical skills other than those you need to operate your computer. The user manual teaches you the skills you need to optimise the pre-programmed training sequences for your type of Tinnitus. If you change a training sequence, and you do not like your changes, the Tinnitus Tamer lets you always go back to the original sequence.

Can I listen to the tone sequences when I am away from my computer?
Yes, the Tinnitus Tamer for Macintosh lets you create sound files from personalized tone sequences. To can rip the sound from the Tinnitus Tamer for Windows using third party utilities, some of which are free. You can copy these files to an iPhone or iPod, to continue treatment while away from your computer.

How do I get the Tinnitus Tamer?
Select the Tinnitus Tamer version for the operating system you want to use, in the left column on this web page. Click "Purchase LIcense" for Mac and Windows versions, and or "Buy from App Store" for the iPad version.

Where can I find more information?
In the Tinnitus Tamer user manual. The Tinnitus Tamer for Macintosh has a build-in user guide, which is opened from the main control window. The Tinnitus Tamer for Windows includes a pdf version of the user manual. The iPad version includes user guide pages, which are accessible through tab buttons on the main control window.
If you want to read the user manual without downloading the Tinnitus Tamer, click "Download" in the user manual box in the left column on this web page to download only the user manual.

How do I pay for the Tinnitus Tamer?
Purchase a license for the Tinnitus Tamer by clicking on the Macintosh Purchasing Information button or the the Windows Purchasing Information button on the left top of this page.

Purchase the Tinnitus Tamer for the iPad by clicking on this App Store link

A single-user license for the Tinnitus Tamer is US$35.00.

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